Federal Agriculture Minister Julia Klöckner has defended planned new regulations on environmental and animal protection in Berlin in front of several thousand farmers. The CDU politician also promised farmers more participation in their big protest rally. When insect repellent, each measure should be discussed with the farmers and examined for their effect.

Klöckner also called on the industry to face up to social expectations. Where too much nitrate is measured in the groundwater, "we have to react," she said, referring to more stringent fertilizer regulations.

For next Monday, the minister announced a meeting with Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU), to which around 40 agricultural organizations were invited. Klöckner criticized expectations for more environmental and animal welfare, while there are cheap prices for meat and sausage in supermarkets. It is indecent to offer such a thing - but also to buy something like that.

In the early morning to the capital: On Tuesday morning, people gather in Nassenheide in Brandenburg to travel to Berlin as a demonstration train.
As a placeholder for the adults park there since the night toy tractors in front of the Brandenburg Gate.
Berlin-Mitte has rarely seen so many tractors at once: In the morning, the farmers start their protest march through the government district.
The road of June 17 and the Great Star are closed off for the demonstration.
"Fairtrade also for our agriculture" stands as a sign on a tractor that stands on the Pariser Platz. The demonstrators are treated unfairly by the federal government's new agricultural package. It provides, among other things, that more money will be reserved for environmental protection from the important EU agricultural payments to the farms.
The farmers surrounded the big Christmas tree in front of the Brandenburg Gate with their vehicles.
This family runs a farm in Rathenow. They also brought their children to the demonstration - along with Minitrecker.
Otherwise, these tractors usually roll over fields or meadows. To protest they have gathered on a central piece of Berlin asphalt.
Not only the farmers profit from the closed roads: this runner also enjoys the free path.
Many farmers see themselves threatened by politics in their existence. That's why they are driving side by side through the capital.
Smaller and more colorful is this protest action: rubber boots around the Victory Column to the concerns of the peasant families remember.

In the Bundestag Klöckner had previously called for more understanding of the situation of farmers. "They are tired of being taught from an urban perspective what farming should look like." Farmers are not just landscape gardeners. Klöckner emphasized at the same time that stricter manure rules would have to be implemented in order to prevent EU fines for too much nitrate in the groundwater. New methods in handling manure would also be encouraged. "We rely on cooperation instead of on each other."

Minister of the Environment Svenja Schulze (SPD) campaigned for clear rules for the protection of groundwater and insects in front of the demonstrating farmers - and was booed for that. She wanted farmers to be "part of the solution" and insisted that farmers also have an interest in having clean water and pollinators in the future. "But we also need clear rules," she emphasized.

The farmers' protest is directed, among other things, against planned stricter requirements for insect and environmental protection and further fertilizer restrictions for the protection of groundwater. The farmers warn of a threat to the survival of companies and demand from the policy, a greater involvement in new environmental regulations. According to the organizers, 5,600 tractors had rolled into the capital at the rally.