To Perolists November 25, 20:40

“Perot” your fingers to count the bills.
When turning the pages of a book, “Perot”.
Even when you open a plastic bag, “Perot”.
A taxi company issued a notice for such a “perolist”.
“Stop it!” With love for those who do it.
(Reporter of the network report department Rie Oishi and Yuki Ishikawa)

One day suddenly the president ...

The notice was issued by Sanwa Kotsu, a taxi company headquartered in Yokohama.
On the afternoon of November 22, the president suddenly sent an e-mail to managers all at once.
It seems that a sticker with a company seal is posted inside the company.

“The following acts will be prohibited in all documents in the future. The fingertips will be given clear liquid secreted into the oral cavity by the salivary glands and the mucous membrane glands of the mouth, and the documents and banknotes will be paginated using the moistened fingertips. To do "

I heard the details from the spokesperson.

Q. Please tell us about how the circular was issued.
A. The president in his 40s has struggled to dry his fingertips compared to his youth. At the store's self-checkout, when I put in the product, the bag did not open well, and as a result of struggling whether or not to lick my finger, I felt that I shouldn't do it.

Q. Have the Perolists been in the company before?
A. Very rarely, I found it in the company among middle-aged officers. The president seemed to want to work hygienically with the consciousness of being seen by someone because he is a customer service. By the way, in the taxi car, we have not confirmed so far.

Immediate improvement

After issuing the notification, it was said that the dozen employees who received the message contacted the department in charge asking "What do you mean?"
And some people have come to use finger sack.

The voice of empathy

The company “middle man” also posted this notification on Twitter.

The writing of empathy continued one after another.

“That ’s finally the Peroncho ban! Please enact the law in the country.”
“When I gave out prints in the past, there was a teacher who motivated me like that, and the corners of the prints were waving, it was unpleasant…”
"I guess it's a habit, but when I took the card out of my wallet, there was a grandmother who wouldn't accept it every time."
“I want my company to give the same notification”

Eliminate spit harassment!

I interviewed a woman in her 50s in Osaka Prefecture who submitted the post.

Women have been feeling uncomfortable by senior male teachers from their school days when they touched the edges of textbooks and prints with their fingers, so that they do not have the end of the print even when handed over. I still remember that well.

Even at the municipal library, which I go to whenever I go on holidays, when I read a newspaper, an old man who often sees me always said “Perrot”.
"Please stop it because I want to read it next."
It ’s the end of a loud voice saying “What are you!”
I consulted with the library staff, but was unable to respond.

From this experience, it seems that the woman has read this notification with a thrill.

A woman in her 50s "I thought" Yoshisha! "Yes, I became a company and I was really happy.

Mold can grow

Some libraries take measures.
In the newspaper corner of the Iwate Prefectural Library in Morioka City, there is a “non-slip cream” attached to the fingertips next to the message “Would you like to lick your fingers when turning?”

From the user's point of view, not only is it unclean or uncomfortable, but even if the library owns the collections of the citizens of the prefecture, if saliva falls on paper, in the worst case, mold will grow on the materials. Sometimes we ask for understanding.

Mr. Kazunori Anbo, General Affairs Manager “There are some newspapers that have been stored for a long period of time, but some of them have rippled corners. I want to make it easy for everyone to use.”

What are the countermeasures?

The season when the air dries more and more.
What should I do?
On Twitter, there was also advice such as “holding your hand lightly in the shape of a chocolate corone and blowing a few breaths between your thumb and forefinger has an effect similar to that of a finger.”

The sure effect is to use a commercially available non-slip product.
The royal road is an anti-slip rubber finger sack.
There is also a pretty ring shape like an accessory.
In addition, a cream-type anti-slip type is also available that is wrapped around your fingertips.

The person in charge of the stationery maker “PLUS” “It is difficult to turn over because the frictional force of the fingers falls due to dryness, and the needs are particularly high in autumn and winter. Recently, the cute design has been well received, and the finger sack market has been flat since the paperless process.

If cashless and paperless advance from now on, the peros may disappear naturally.

How to tell unpleasant things

Another thing I felt this time was a taxi company notice.
It's a way of telling what you want to stop.
There are many posts on the internet stating the speeches and acts of others who feel uncomfortable, but this message is unique, and everyone seems to accept it with a bitter smile.

I got this answer when I asked the company.

“The word was thought by the president on his own. I did n’t want to unilaterally hurt the person who licked the document, so I made a unique wording. This was the first time for all employees. I thought it was something, but there was a smile in the company. ''