Romanian presidential election President Johannis re-elected in the final vote November 25th 10:00

Presidential election vote was held in Romania in Eastern Europe, and President Johannis, who has been active in anti-corruption measures, a long-standing issue, has made a big difference in opposition candidates and ensured re-election.

In Romania, the final vote of the presidential election was held on the 24th.

According to the local Electoral Management Committee, the current president of Johannis won about 62% when the vote-off rate was about 70%. It was significantly higher and we were able to ensure re-election.

President Johannis is 60 years old. It is an attitude to actively tackle anti-corruption and the judicial reform required by the European Union, which has been a challenge for many years. It was.

However, last month, a disapproval of the cabinet was formed due to the disorder of opposition between the opposition parties, and Mr. Dantilla resigned as prime minister.

After his re-election was confirmed, President Johannis declared his victory, "Let's build a decent Romania together" and emphasized the idea of ​​pushing forward with reform.

Romania was one of the EU's poorest countries 30 years before the end of the East-West Cold War, when the Cauchesk dictatorship collapsed and joined the EU in 2007. It is broken.