• It is yellow about the death of Daniela Carrasco: tortured and hanged. It is 'El Mimo' protesting in Chile
  • The photographer of the protests in Chile died, the police investigate for murder


by Tiziana Di Giovannandrea November 24, 2019On October 20, the body of the street activist and artist Daniela Carrasco, known as 'El Mimo', symbol of the Chilean protesters against the government of President Sebastián Piñera, is found hanging from a fence of a park. .

After a month, on November 20, through news spreads the news, re-launched by the protesters, of the death of the 36-year-old artist who would have been killed by the Chilean police, after being raped and tortured and then left hanging on a railing to Pedro Aguirre Cerda, in Santiago.

News that Thursday evening is denied by the Chilean lawyers of the Abofema association who follow, by order of the family of Daniela Carrasco, from the first moment the case of the death of the artist: El Mimo was not killed but committed suicide. The news was spread by an article from 'Il Fatto Quotiva' signed by Alessia Grossi.

In the note the lawyers of Abofema write about the dramatic story of Daniela Carrasco: " The investigation into the circumstances of his death is still ongoing and the analyzes we have so far in evidence indicate that he would have left a letter explaining the reasons for a possible suicide and that no obvious signs of torture or sexual assault were found ”.

The relatives of Daniela Carrasco ask that there be caution in the declarations on the death of their spouse while the lawyers of Abofema "ask the public prosecutor who investigates the death of the mime to do all the necessary checks to rule out the hypothesis of third party participation in his death "and require Chilean citizens and newspapers not to share unverified information.