The popularity of science fiction novels is increasing in Sichuan, China.

In China, the popularity of science fiction novels has risen in response to the huge hits of domestic SF movies. Inland and Sichuan provinces, Chinese popular writers who have become best sellers in Japan have participated in large-scale events. It was opened

The event held in Chengdu, Sichuan Province, was planned by the local government to connect to the development of industries related to science fiction novels, and the opening ceremony was held on the 22nd day of the first day.

In China, the first full-fledged domestic SF movie, the “Floating Earth”, has been released, and the box office revenue has exceeded 70 billion yen in Japanese yen, and interest in the original science fiction novel has increased. The

When the original author Liu Ji-hyun appeared at the opening ceremony, there was a great cheer, and hundreds of young people made long lines at the autograph session.

In addition, SF's novel “Three bodies”, which describes the contact between extraterrestrial life and human beings in Liu's masterpiece, is published in Japan and has become an exceptional bestseller as a translation.

The event was attended by editors from Japanese publishers who introduced the magnificent scale in Japan and the popularity of it among businessmen and young people interested in China.

In Sichuan Province where the event was held, the local government is proceeding with the construction of a large-scale photo studio for science fiction movies, and it is likely to capture the popularity of science fiction in China and lead to economic development.

Chinese SF novels Some of the best-selling works in Japan

The best-selling Chinese science fiction novel “Tri-body” is the first in a trilogy of series, published in Japan in July, and has sold 130,000 copies so far.

The author, Liu Ji-an, responded to NHK ’s interview last month when he visited Japan, saying that the work is gaining popularity in Japan. “At first, the subject was a Chinese SF fan, so this will have a big impact. I didn't think so. "

Also, the reason why SF novels are increasing in China is as follows: “In the rapidly modernized China, people have strong expectations for the future, and the younger generation who has received a higher education than before seems to be interested in technology. These factors are providing rich soil for the development of Chinese science fiction novels. ”

In addition, about the future of China's science fiction works “Unlike when I was young, Chinese young people are now exposed to a large amount of information, and almost all the world's science fiction novels and movies can be seen. The level that can be achieved is getting much higher, and Chinese SF works will soon be getting more and more attention, ”he said.