The day after the first television debate between him and British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, British opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn expressed his position in a possible new Brexit referendum, which he wants to organize if his Labor party wins the British elections in December. Corbyn will not vote for or against the Brexit, but places the responsibility entirely with the British people.

During the debate, the Labor leader was repeatedly asked about his personal opinion on the Brexit, but Corbyn refused to answer such a question. He now positions himself as the "neutral" party, who can credibly follow the vote of the British voter.

Labor's vision thus falls, as it were, between that of the largest party, the Conservatives, and the pursuing Liberal Democrats (Lib Dems). While the Johnson Tories are doing everything they can to get out of the EU as quickly as possible, the Lib Dems are strongly against a Brexit.

Johnson's party used Corbyn's statement to put him in a bad light. "With this, Jeremy Corbyn confirms that he has no plan for the Brexit," the party wrote in a statement.

If Labor wins the elections on 12 December, Corbyn wants to close a new deal with the EU and present it to the British voter through a referendum. In polls, the largest opposition party still has a backlog of around 10 percentage points on the Conservatives.


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