Sydney - Video footage of a surveillance camera showed a man brutally assaulting a pregnant Muslim woman in a Sydney restaurant. The Australian Islamic Union described the attack as anti-Islamic.

The attacker, a 43-year-old Australian, approached a cafe table with three veiled Muslim women sitting.

The attacker continued to assault the Muslim woman so that she fell to the ground to kick her in the face, before some of the café patrons intervened to prevent him from the aggressor, and the woman was taken to hospital to receive the necessary aid.

Racial assault beating a pregnant Muslim woman named Rana Al Asmar 31 years ago in the last months of her pregnancy in Australia ...

- DOAM (@doamuslims) November 21, 2019

Agence France-Presse quoted Australian police that the victim was pregnant at the age of 38, aged 31 years. Security arrested the attacker on charges of severe physical assault on others, and security authorities refused to release him on bail.

Police did not disclose the motives of the man's assault on the pregnant Muslim, but the Australian Federation of Islamic Councils said in a statement yesterday that the aggressor addressed anti-Islamic words to the victim, and the two women who were sitting with her.

According to a recent study of researchers from the Australian University of Charles Sturt, the phenomenon of anti-Islam in the country is escalating, the most prominent manifestations of the attacks and insults of veiled women, the study added that 96% of women who reported being subjected to physical abuse and sexual harassment of veiled.