The working week ends cloudy with a very local chance of a few drops of rain. The sun appears more often this Friday than in the last days, making it a little warmer. The temperature is around 8 degrees.

In the morning, cloud fields migrate across the country, which in the east in particular can still provide some wetness. Elsewhere it stays dry.

Clearing up from the south, after which there is plenty of room for the sun. The mild autumn weather is accompanied by a moderate southeast wind.

Commuters must watch out for slippery roads on Saturday morning. At the end of Friday night, light rain showers drift from Germany into the country. For the time being, the weekend will start gray.

Next 5 days Max Min. Wind
Saturday 8 ° 4 ° O 4
Sunday 9 ° 3 ° Z 3
Monday 10 ° 6 ° Z 5
Tuesday 10 ° 8 ° ZW 5
Wednesday 9 ° 7 ° ZZW 4