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After nine days of trial, this Friday, Diana Quer's father, Juan Carlos Quer , has not endured the tension of seeing how José Enrique Abuín Gey , 'El Chicle', rebuilt his daughter's crime and exploded in the courtroom : "It could have been your daughter!" In response, the magistrate presiding over the court, Ángel Pantín , has expelled him from the courtroom.

It was the first call for attention to Quer, who has so far attended all the trial sessions. This Friday is the eighth and had not been shown on any occasion altered. The moment it exploded was when it was seen how Abuín introduced the dummy that represents Diana in the Asados ​​well where he spent 497 days.

The jurors could see a reconstruction of the events carried out last summer in all the scenes of Diana's crime and two agents of the Judicial Police of La Coruña explained how it was recorded. As they explained, the reconstruction cannot be totally faithful to reality, but only the version of what happened in Abuín Gey counts.

"The only people who could testify to the facts were Diana and José Enrique; since Diana was dead, the version that was rebuilt was that of José Enrique," explained the civil guards who were witnesses.

For the reconstruction of the events, recorded on video using three cameras, two mannequins were used - one rigid and one articulated - so that the defendant staged how he acted that night of August 22, 2016, when, according to his version, Diana surprised him stealing diesel in truck dealers in A Pobra do Caramiñal .

This Friday a municipal report has been known that does not support its version, because it said it was dark and confused Diana with a gypsy merchant who had caught her stealing, but the city council denies that the Venice street in which he places the events had little lighting or a broken street lamp.

During the reconstruction, Abuín Gey made statements that the agents found unlikely. For example, that, for fear of being detailed, he put a hand on his neck and the young woman fell to the ground, but he resisted and "Diana's jaw was biting him, she made him strong in her hand." He said that he did not put it in the trunk of his Alfa, but in the back seat of the car, because he had the other place full of gas bottles that he had just stolen.

They also saw "quite forced" the movement he said he made and that in the reconstruction he introduced new elements such as, for example, that the young woman pushed him.

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