• Madrid: The first jihadist in Spain arrested with a list of 'objective' people and substances to manufacture the 'mother of Satan'
  • Terrorism: A group linked to the IS threatens to assassinate a judge of the National Court
  • Cádiz.The Police detain a member of the Daesh in Algeciras who stored manuals to commit attacks

Civil service information officers have arrested an alleged jihadist of 26 years in Tenerife, with the profile of a lone wolf . The action has been coordinated by the Central Court of Instruction 3 and the Prosecutor of the National Court. The agents have also had the collaboration of Europol .

The detainee is a native of Nouadhihou (Mauritania) and responds to the initials YTO The head of the court, magistrate María Tardón , investigates him as the alleged perpetrator of terrorist acts of exaltation and indoctrination.

According to the Civil Guard in a statement, through the mass consumption of propaganda produced by various terrorist groups, especially the Daesh , the detainee has fully internalized the most violent postulates of these groups, justifying and praising his attacks against the "non-believers. ", of those who hold the West accountable, and calling Muslims to armed struggle.

Beyond the interest shown in the propaganda and activities of terrorist groups, the detainee actively sought content with a high level of operational detail, among which very detailed manuals for the manufacture of homemade explosives, such as the TATP -explosive known as the Satan's mother - or techniques for executing attacks and murders.

The current profile of the detainee after the process of radicalization experienced thanks to the radical material disseminated, among others, by the Daesh, corresponds perfectly with that of a potential solitary actor, which the Islamic State considers key in its operational action.

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