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So do not kill you boredom .. Romantic marriage despite the distances


The absence of a life partner from the marital home may cause an emotional crisis between the spouses, if the absence due to travel or working conditions, how the parties revive romance despite the distances?

1- Phone calls
It is hard to hide how distant it is from the person you love. This physical barrier makes you stand out for the person you love how important it is in your life. In fact, you should often express gratitude and appreciation to your partner. You don't have to make ten phone calls a day so you don't look like you are desperate.

2 - morning messages
The couple, who have a long-term emotional relationship, have many challenges. The agenda of one of them may be crowded. However, your professional and life responsibilities should not prevent you from communicating with your partner. Therefore, you need to send a text message to your partner in the morning before you start your day, knowing that waking up to your morning message can be emotional and romantic.

3. Pictures about your day
The website reported that the pictures could say a lot of talk. In general, your partner may have a difficult day, but once you send him your personal photos or a picture that summarizes your day, this movement can change a lot.

If you can't be next to your partner, send him a gift telling him that you always remember him.

4. Gifts
Distances are likely to differentiate between you and your loved ones. In turn, this does not prevent you from spending time to make surprises.

For example, you can buy some gifts and mail them to your lover. It should be noted that this gesture will reveal that you are thinking about each other.

5. Attention
Diodes who live a long distance relationship tend to spend long hours on the phone together, since they don't have a chance to see each other on a daily basis. The problem with long phone calls is that you can get distracted by television or anything else around you. In this case, it is necessary to maintain the format of the conversation by giving adequate attention to each other.

Exchange of jokes
In fact, laughter is the best remedy. Knowing how and when to joke to your partner can make you laugh a lot. Overall, seeing your partner happy is the best feeling you can ever have.

7 - a surprise visit
Replacing gifts with visits is one of the best surprises your partner can receive. You should acknowledge that choosing a gift for him may be a more difficult task than going to yourself.

8- Nice compliments
Keeping romance and love in a long distance relationship is one of the most difficult tasks, as you will sometimes find yourself engaging in your own life, duties and responsibilities. But you should always be romantic in your conversations with your partner, and the best way to do this is to call your partner with nice names he likes or use personal love phrases in text conversations.

Morning text messages renew your relationship with life partner (DPA)

Video calls
Being miles away from your partner does not mean that you can only communicate with them through text messages. In addition, you can choose to communicate via video calls and voice chat.

10 - through the smell
People who live a long-distance love longing for the smallest details about each other, such as their crying, laughter, reactions and even personal things. In fact, you can use the smell of your perfume as a way to show your love to the other party, by spraying your perfume directly on the gift you want to send it, which has created a lot of intimacy.

11. Shared memories
Many in a long distance relationship have few opportunities to meet and spend time together. Even with limited opportunities, you can jot down the good times you live together and share with each other, each time you part again.

12 - sharing ideas
From the moment you wake up to the time you get back to bed, there are thousands of thoughts wandering in your mind. Not all of these ideas may relate to your partner, but sharing them can increase the warmth of the relationship.

Source: aljazeera

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