Sanctions against Iranian ministers with massive net restrictions Supporting anti-government demonstrations November 23, 6:02

The American Trump administration has announced that Iran will impose sanctions on ministers for severely limiting Internet communications to the spread of anti-government demonstrations. They are showing support for anti-government demonstrations and increasing pressure on the Iranian system.

This month in Iran, anti-government demonstrations have spread throughout the country, triggered by the government raising gasoline prices by more than 50% without notice, and casualties have been caused by clashes between demonstrators and security forces.

Although the Iranian government has not disclosed the number of detailed casualties, international human rights organizations have pointed out that more than 100 people have died.

The US Treasury Department announced on the 22nd that the Iranian government will greatly restrict Internet communications to curb anti-government demonstrations, and will add the Azaari Japhrom communications information technology minister to sanctions.

This freezes assets in the United States and prohibits dealings with Americans.

Prior to this, President Trump accused Twitter of "Iran's system does not want the world to know the deaths and tragedy that we have caused".

In addition, Secretary of State Pompeio called on Twitter to send anti-government demonstration participants video and photos to the United States, and the Trump administration showed pressure to the Iranian system by supporting the anti-government demonstration. I am strengthening.

Internet connection decreased to about 5% at one time

In Iran, Internet communication was almost cut off from the afternoon of 16th immediately after the anti-government demonstrations in various places, and the situation continues to be severely restricted even on the 22nd.

Most people in Iran cannot use any major SNS, nor can they access other sites such as Google and Yahoo.

The Iranian media reported that these restrictions were determined by the Supreme Security Committee responsible for Iran's security policy and are seen as information controls to prevent the spread of demonstrations.

According to “Netblox”, a private organization that monitors the Internet connection status in various parts of the world, the connection status in Iran has deteriorated rapidly since the afternoon of the 16th and has decreased to about 5% of the normal level.

On the 21st, five days later, restrictions were relaxed in part, but the connection status as of the 22nd is only about 15% of the normal level.

The Iranian government has not disclosed details of the demo such as the number of casualties so far, insisting that the whole country has returned to peace on the 21st, and keeping the information control will keep the anti-government demonstration from becoming active again You can see that it is condemned.