According to experts, in the first place, such professions as a taxi driver, seller, and loader may disappear.

This is due to the fact that the work of these specialists often does not require a developed imagination and creative approach. In addition, representatives of these professions rarely have to make difficult decisions, experts say.

“The professions where the creative and emotional intelligence of the person are not involved, that is, those areas where the maximum of actions are mechanical, are more likely to be at risk,” the IRI specified.

Earlier, a study by the RANEPA showed which areas in the next ten years in Russia will be most susceptible to automation (that is, those working in them will need further training or retraining, retraining or leaving the labor market).

This primarily concerns the hotel and restaurant business. So, according to experts, in this area, the share of employees at risk from automation is 73%.

Along with this, it is noted that education is recognized as the least automated area (27%).