It all started with a general strike in Colombia. Now the protests have widened and involve several different groups in society, says Tigran Feiler, SVT's correspondent in Latin America.

- The government says that 200,000 people have participated. "Strunt talk" answers the organizers and says it has been two million. So it's a bit unclear how many people have participated - but big it has been, he tells The Morning Studio on Friday.

Students play key role

Initially, the protests were about the conservative government's economic policies. Subsequently, more questions have also been included, Tigran Feiiler says and develops:

- There is, for example, a great concern in Colombia regarding a peace agreement that was signed a few years ago with the Fargo guerrillas, which people are worried about. 187 guerrillas have been murdered since the Friday agreement was signed.

Many students in Colombia, as in protests in other parts of the world, have played an active role in the popular movement we now see in the country. Last night during Friday, Swedish time, protesters took to the streets.

- People have gone to pots to show their displeasure.

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