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In the National Assembly, the Malian Defense Minister Dahirou Dembélé was arrested by deputies on the military situation. This week the Malian army has lost more men. 30 soldiers were killed in an attack on the Nigerian border. Elected officials asked the defense minister for explanations and criticized the action of foreign forces in Mali.

A popular man among the troops, the Malian Minister of Defense, in the Chamber, spoke with the same freedom of speech as the deputies. Thus, despite two recent victories announced on terrorists, for him, the situation remains difficult on the ground.

" Even today, it's not right. We are going through a very critical moment in our history, "explains General Dahirou Dembélé. There are problems of means , says the minister. " We really need some materials. "

In front of the deputies, the Malian Minister of Defense unveils the last attack against the Malian troops in the locality of Boulikessi . " To date, the special forces had no way. When I went to see them with the survivors, they said to me: " We only have these two bottles, how are you going to give us food and drink?"

And in the face of criticism from some deputies against French and foreign military forces, General Dahirou Dembélé reacted publicly. " Often, I hear a lot of compatriots say:" the French are there, we are attacked, they will not intervene ". These forces often came to support us. "

As soon as his intervention ended, General Dahirou Dembélé returned to his ministry to lead a meeting on strengthening the capabilities of the Malian army.

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