A delegation from the UAE government, headed by Minister of Cabinet Affairs and Future, Mohammed Abdullah Al Gergawi, participated in the launching of the “One Million Uzbek Programmers” initiative at Anha University in Tashkent, in the presence of the Prime Minister of the Republic of Uzbekistan, Abdullah Aribov, and the Minister of State for Artificial Intelligence. Dr. Omar Sultan Al Ulama, Assistant Director General of Government Leadership and Abilities at the Prime Minister's Office at the Ministry of Cabinet and Future Affairs, Dr. Yasser Al Naqbi, Deputy CEO of Dubai Future Foundation, Abdulaziz Al Jaziri, and a number of government officials from the UAE and Uzbekistan.

Mohammed Al Gergawi:

"Activating international partnerships in making the future of governments, and modernizing government frameworks .. a centerpiece of the state approach."

Omar Sultan scientists:

"The UAE government is keen to transfer its outstanding experiences to its strategic partners in the region and the world."

Al Gergawi said that the initiative represents an extension of the initiative of one million Arab programmers, launched by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, and a new platform for fruitful partnership and constructive cooperation between the UAE government and the Republic of Uzbekistan. The outcomes of this partnership, through which we launched 130 initiatives and projects in 20 areas, reflect cooperation, exchange of experiences, knowledge and success stories.

He stressed that activating international partnerships in shaping the future of governments and modernizing government frameworks is at the heart of the UAE's approach to building relationships for the benefit of societies and creating a better future for future generations.

The launch of the initiative, overseen by the Dubai Future Foundation, is part of the outcome of the strategic partnership between the UAE and Uzbekistan in the areas of government modernization, which was launched last April.

For his part, Sultan Sultan Al Ulama said during the launch of the initiative that the UAE government is keen to transfer its outstanding experiences to its strategic partners in the region and the world, and that the initiative of one million Uzbek programmers, will give talents the opportunity to acquire programming skills and artificial intelligence and emerging technologies, enabling them to enter sectors and markets And provide them with the tools for future jobs, contributing to the development of innovative technology-based solutions and services.

During the launch of the initiative, a discussion session was held, during which the Deputy CEO of the Dubai Future Foundation, Abdulaziz Al-Jaziri, talked about the importance of empowering young people with technology science, equipping them for the future, and how to employ programming skills in the development of various sectors. Arabic programmer, last two years.

The One Million Uzbek Programmers Initiative, sponsored by a joint team from the UAE and Uzbekistan, provides internationally-accredited training and certification programs in various levels of programming to contribute to Uzbekistan's digital transformation in general and the government sector in particular.

The initiative includes the launch of a platform that offers accredited programming courses in various fields for Uzbek youth interested in developing their digital skills, to graduate an experienced generation in programming languages, provide him with the necessary tools to understand the future, lead the digital transformation, and to make Uzbekistan one of the developed countries in programming.

With the rapid and rapid development of digital work around the world, the initiative will open new horizons for career opportunities and entrepreneurs as they complete their training programs, especially with the growing demand for digital services, products and solutions around the world.

The initiative is a qualitative addition to the digital transformation programs in Uzbekistan, which is witnessing a remarkable progress in the rate of technology penetration, as the proportion of Internet users increased from 33% in 2016 to 48% in 2019, and the number of services provided through 200 websites, reflecting an increase A clear interest in technology, within Uzbekistan's digital transformation plans.

Cooperation themes

The Strategic Partnership Agreement for Government Modernization between the UAE and Uzbekistan includes 20 pillars of cooperation, through which it was agreed to implement 130 initiatives and projects, to take advantage of the UAE government models in modernization, measurement of performance and service delivery, as well as the formation of working groups in the areas of strategic, performance and innovation , Programming, the future of education, economics, competitiveness and doing business, among others.