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Guangzhou Motor Show Japanese manufacturer announced luxury brand electric car


The “Guangzhou Motor Show” has started in China, the world's largest car market. Japanese manufacturers are luxury car brands while new car sales continue to be sluggish ...

Guangzhou Motor Show Japanese manufacturer Luxury brand electric car announced November 22 17:33

The “Guangzhou Motor Show” has started in China, the world's largest car market. As new car sales continued to be sluggish, Japanese manufacturers announced electric cars under luxury car brands, and the competition for their survival by appealing their respective strengths has intensified.

At the motor show that began in Guangzhou, Guangdong Province in southern China, 1050 units from various countries exhibited amidst sluggish sales of new cars, and the press release was held on the 22nd.

Among them, Toyota Motor Corporation unveiled the world's first electric car of the luxury car brand “Lexus”.

Around the spring of next year, we plan to release it in China first, and then expand it to Europe and Japan.

Mr. Yoshihiro Sawa, President of Lexus International, said, “We expect the high-end market to remain strong. We want to respond to Chinese needs by providing electric vehicles based on the technology cultivated in hybrid vehicles.” .

In addition, a group company of Guangzhou Automobile, a major local company, announced the concept car for electric vehicles, and appealed that the air resistance was the smallest in the world due to the streamlined body.

In China's electric vehicle market, the number of units sold has grown rapidly by nearly 100 times over the past six years, but sales have been suddenly braked since July due to the drastic reduction of government subsidies, and it has been emerging. There are cases where the manufacturers of this company are stuck in management.

However, each company expects to see growth in the future, and competition to survive by appealing its strengths is intensifying.

New car market in China

The new car market in China, which has continued to rise with economic growth, is now facing a difficult phase due to sluggish sales of electric vehicles.

New car sales fell below the previous year for the first time in 28 years, due to the problem of excessive debts by local governments and the slowdown of the Chinese economy against the backdrop of trade friction with the United States.

However, the cumulative number of vehicles sold from January to last month will be nearly 10% lower than the same period last year, and new vehicle sales are expected to fall below the previous year for the second consecutive year.

In particular, the sluggish sales of electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid vehicles, which have been performing well until now, stand out.

The sales volume of electric vehicles, etc. has been lower than the previous year for 4 consecutive months since July, and decreased by almost half to 45.6% last month.

The factor is the reduction of subsidies for purchases of electric vehicles by the government.

China has provided subsidized subsidies for electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid vehicles to combat severe air pollution and foster its own automobile industry.

As a result, about 60 companies, existing automakers and emerging manufacturers, have entered the electric car manufacturing industry one after another, and last year's sales were over 1.2 million units, which grew rapidly by nearly 100 times in six years.

On the other hand, there were growing concerns about overproduction, whose production capacity greatly exceeded demand, and there were a series of troubles caused by poor quality vehicles such as battery fires.

For this reason, the Chinese government has revised the subsidy payments to improve the production capacity and to improve the quality of the finished vehicle, and removed the models with short mileage. I reduced it to less than half of last year.

Utah has begun, for example, as a change in the Chinese government's policy has forced emerging manufacturers into management difficulties.

Nonetheless, each company expects the electric vehicle market to expand in the future, and the competition to develop new vehicles that take advantage of their strengths is intensifying.

Source: nhk

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