by Tiziana Di Giovannandrea November 22, 2019Two Italians were sentenced to seven and a half years in prison each because they were found guilty of raping a 23-year-old girl in a nightclub in Soho, London. This was reported by SkyNews.

The two young Italians, who had resumed the images of rape with a mobile phone, initially claimed that it had been a consensual relationship.

Ferdinando Orlando, 25, and Lorenzo Costanzo, 26, had been found guilty last October 15 for the violence committed on February 26, 2017 against the 23-year-old girl, left unconscious in the service bathroom of the room and rescued by the staff.

The images of the surveillance cameras had immortalized them running out of the room and exchanging a gesture of understanding before one of them showed the rape video on his cell phone to the other.

In the verdict issued on October 15, the judge of the Isleworth Crown Court in London reserved the right to make known later the duration of the period of imprisonment, as in the Anglo-Saxon Common Law.

During the trial it emerged that the two young Italians had met the girl on the dance floor of the Toy Room on Argyll Street, around 2 am on February 26th two years ago. Both had started kissing the 23 year old. The local security cameras showed that the young woman was visibly drunk. Two minutes after the first meeting, the two Italians took the woman to a closet and raped her. Orlando and Costanzo came out of the closet six minutes later, arranged the woman's clothes and accompanied her with arms in the bathroom of the room, where they left her.

The images clearly showed the two young Italians running down the nightclub stairs exchanging gestures of understanding. The victim was found in the local toilet an hour later and escorted home by a French couple. Her roommate was forced to call an ambulance due to the girl's condition. In the hospital, the young woman was operated on for her injuries.

The two Italians managed to escape British justice for over a year, returning to Italy. Orlando was arrested at London Heathrow airport in March last year, after he had returned to the UK to attend a football match. After the arrest and accusations against Orlando, Costanzo contacted the British police and agreed to return to the United Kingdom, where he was also arrested and charged with rape.

#GUILTY | CCTV shows the moment two men brazenly laugh and high-five each other, moments after raping a woman at a nightclub in #Soho.

Today, they have been found guilty of four counts of rape.

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- Metropolitan Police (@metpoliceuk) 15 October 2019