Brandon, whom we chose to call him, contacted SVT Stockholm after our review of fatal shootings in the county. He is sentenced to a year in prison for several serious crimes and is a former member of one of Sweden's most notorious gangs.

He wanted to tell us why it is so hard to testify in Sweden, something he himself experienced when parts of his gang turned to him.

- They threatened me, but I was determined to testify against them. Then they surrounded my family, he says.

Investigates several protective measures for witnesses

The government wants to break the culture of silence around criminal gangs and is now adding an investigation to analyze a system of Crown witnesses and consider whether anonymous witnesses should be allowed.

- Crown witnesses are based on the idea that it should be possible for a suspect to cooperate with the police and it should also be punishable if you do not, says Justice Minister Morgan Johansson (S).

The investigator will also investigate how witnesses and their relatives can be better protected in connection with the trial.