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Romania, one of the 12 host countries of the Euro-2020, will travel to Iceland in March to face the quarter-finalists of the 2016 edition in the semi-final of the dams, before a possible final in Bulgaria or Hungary, another host country, according to the draw held on Friday.

The distribution of the four "lanes" of stops was stopped by UEFA in Nyon (Switzerland), and it is therefore Romania that was placed against the seed of the "way" A, Iceland, March 26th.

In the final, if they win, the Romanians will have a dangerous trip on March 31 in Bulgaria or Hungary, who compete in the other semi-final of the "way" A.

The last four tickets for the Euro are at stake in these play-offs, one per "track" of qualification, each competing under the same model: a semi-final and a single-match final.

Up to three host countries can qualify for the Euro via the dams: Romania or Hungary (lane A), Ireland (lane B) and Scotland (lane C). However, as each host country, if it qualifies, is guaranteed to play two games at home, each of the "lanes" of dam was pre-associated with one or more groups in the final table, in view of the draw tournament, scheduled for November 30 in Bucharest.

Thus, the winner of the "way" B will go in the group E with Spain, that of the "way" C in the group D with England. Those of the "tracks" A and D will join either group C with Ukraine and the Netherlands, or group F with Germany.

In addition, UEFA has also decided on a situation concerning group B, the only one containing two already qualified hosts, Denmark and Russia. Assured to play two games at home, these two nations were waiting to know where the meeting would take place. Result of the draw: Denmark-Russia will be played in Copenhagen.

For host nations still in play in the play-offs, UEFA has already decided that if they qualify, they will play only two home games, and the third at the other host country of the group. For example, if Scotland qualifies, it will go to England to challenge England.

The roadside dams program (semi-final on March 26th, final on the 31st):

Track D

. Semi-final 1: Georgia - Belarus

. Semi-final 2: North Macedonia - Kosovo

Host of the final: Georgia or Belarus

Path C

. Semi-final 1: Scotland - Israel

. Semi-final 2: Norway - Serbia

Host of the final: Norway or Serbia

Track B

. Semi-final 1: Bosnia and Herzegovina - Northern Ireland

. Semi-final 2: Slovakia - Ireland

Host of the final: Bosnia and Herzegovina or Northern Ireland

Lane A

. Semi-final 1: Iceland - Romania

. Semi-final 2: Bulgaria - Hungary

Host of the final: Bulgaria or Hungary

The Euro-2020 groups, pre-completed before the November 30 draw:

. Group A

- Italy

- Hat team 2

- Hat team 3

- Finland or Wales

. Group B

- Belgium

- Russia

- Denmark

- Finland or Wales

. Group C

- Ukraine

- Netherlands

- Hat team 3

- Winner of track D of the dams - Georgia, Belarus, Macedonia or Kosovo - or Romania if qualified

. Group D

- England

- Hat team 2

- Hat team 3

- Winner of track C of the dams: Scotland, Israel, Norway or Serbia

. Group E

- Spain

- Hat team 2

- Hat team 3

- Winner of track B of the dams: Bosnia, Northern Ireland, Ireland or Slovakia

. Group F

- Germany

- Hat team 2

- Hat team 3

- Winner of track A of the dams - Iceland, Bulgaria or Hungary - or winner of track D if Romania wins track A

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