Bolivian provisional government prosecution of former President Morales "crime against terrorism" November 23, 5:52

The South American Bolivian interim government has announced that it has prosecuted the former President Morales, who had resigned to Mexico after resigning after a suspicion of fraud in the presidential election last month, for crimes attempting terrorism.

In Bolivia, the anti-US left-wing Morales won the fourth term in last month's presidential election, but the police and the army demanded that the president resign as fraudulent, and Morales After he announced his resignation, he went to exile in Mexico.

In Bolivia, with the support of the United States, the pro-American Senate Vice-Chairman Anies declared the inauguration of the president and established a provisional government, and announced the separation from the Venezuelan Maduro administration that he had supported so far , Has greatly changed its diplomatic policy to the parent US

Furthermore, the interim government announced on March 22 that it had prosecuted former President Morales for crimes of terrorism, alleging that he had been supporting protests against the interim government after his exile in Mexico.

Russia and China, on the other hand, have been criticized for their lack of legitimacy because the interim governments have not received parliamentary approval and are showing signs of oppressing former supporters of Morales. The turmoil is spreading around the international community.