Belgian 9-year-old boy graduated from university next month World's youngest record November 23, 2:42

A Belgian 9-year-old genius boy who has been going on to university at an astonishing speed at the age of 8 will graduate from university next month, setting the world's youngest record, I am surprised all over the world.

Laurent Simmons (9), Belgium, entered an elementary school at the age of 4 and entered a university at the age of 8, and continued to advance at a tremendous speed, and only a few at a Dutch university majoring in electrical engineering. In nearly nine months, I almost completed my bachelor's degree, and I was expected to graduate next month, setting the world's youngest record of 10 years and four months.

Laurent usually likes to walk with his dog and play video games, Laurent said, “For him, studying is exactly the same as playing, especially studying. It ’s not necessary. As a parent, it ’s important to balance what he wants to do and what he wants to be a child. ”

In the future, Laurent-kun wants to help people who suffer from heart diseases like grandparents, and he wants to continue his research with the aim of developing artificial organs.

There are already many invitations from prestigious universities around the world, and it is likely that future research will focus on Laurent.