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At three weeks of the presidential election on December 12, protesters continue to reject the election under current conditions. In addition to the marches that take place every Tuesday and every Friday for several months, a demonstration was held Thursday evening in Algiers, as the day before, despite the dozens of arrests conducted by the police intervened to disperse them. .

Hundreds of people descended Thursday evening November 21 in the streets of Algiers against the presidential and a change of system at the head of the Algerian state. Like Wednesday, dozens of people have been arrested , according to the National Committee for the Release of Prisoners.

Arrests have been taking place regularly, at the national level, particularly since last Sunday, when the electoral campaign kicked off. On Thursday, the APS agency announced 25, for attempts to disrupt the meeting of the candidate Ali Benflis in Tiaret, although the CNLD says that all have been released since.

Several convictions were pronounced this week. Wednesday, a sentence of two years in prison, in immediate appearance after arrest for the same reason. Earlier this week, four people were sentenced to 18 months in prison for the same reasons, in Tlemcen.

Climate of "repression"

Amnesty International denounces a climate of repression and infringement of freedoms. Hassina Oussedik, Amnesty's director for Algeria, remarks that things are going differently in the few marches favorable to the elections.

" These events are very normal, people freely express their opinion. Whereas when there are demonstrations opposed to the election, there are restrictions, arrests, interventions by police forces. "

Human rights organizations in Algeria agree that it is difficult to accurately quantify the number of detainees in connection with the protest movement. But according to several estimates, they would be more than one hundred, on the whole territory.

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