Vox has prevented the approval of two statements against sexist violence in the Assembly of Madrid and the City Hall of the capital. It is the first time that parties with representation in Madrid institutions fail to agree on a matter of this nature.

In the Vallecas hemicycle, the radical right group has been unchecked because it requires that "certain points" of the law that protects battered women be questioned because "it is evident that it is malfunctioning." "It is healthy for Spanish politics that there is a point of discrepancy," said the spokeswoman for his parliamentary group, Rocío Monasterio.

According to Vox, state regulations have "an ideological basis" that "perverts" their "true intention" to protect victims of gender-based violence. It also claims that "[economic] resources are not devoted to other issues that are not a priority."

In the institutional declaration that has not come forward in the Assembly of Madrid, the rest of the groups with representation had agreed to condemn sexist violence as "the hardest and most inhuman manifestation of the inequality that exists between women and men" and that "constitutes a attack on human rights, fundamental freedoms and the dignity of women. "

In the City Council, neither institutional declaration, as it happened since 2006, nor pact against gender violence. "The threat of Vox," according to PSOE sources and Más Madrid have broken an agreement that "was practically closed" to present the proposal that will be taken to the Plenary next, municipal sources say.

In July, the parties began to negotiate a "consensus" pact between the political forces in the area of ​​sexist violence with the Area of ​​Social Welfare and Families directed by José Aniorte to the front. First negotiations in which Vox was not even invited , as confirmed by spokesman Javier Ortega Smith, although from the Consistory they point out that it is "absolutely false".

City Council sources indicate that "the document was sent to all groups" and that Councilwoman Arantzazu Cabello "initially" agreed to meet with Aniorte but decided not to do so "without giving further explanations."

"It was not going to be a consensus because a force was missing, but we still sat down to negotiate because we believe in this," points out socialist councilor Maite Pacheco to EL MUNDO. A situation similar to that indicated in More Madrid. "No one can doubt our commitment at this point," they say.

From the Area that Aniorte directs, they point out that despite the lack of the extreme right group in the negotiation, the document "was 99% closed" at the end of last week to present the proposal. The same sources indicate that More Madrid was the one who "got off the hook" with their requests , especially in the budgetary scope, that "they were unassuming."

Since the opposition parties put their eyes on Vox and "the lukewarmness" of the municipal government team to "not bother their partners who have to approve the Budgets." A point denied by municipal sources that consider the document to be "very complete" because it had "multiple contributions" from both PSOE and More Madrid to the initial document presented by the Aniorte team. "We have been flexible and added many of your requests," they emphasize.

For his part, the mayor of the capital, José Luis Martínez-Almeida, has pointed out both Vox and Más Madrid for trying to "make political returns" with "a confrontation" in this matter and added that "still without a pact" the City Council "will do what is necessary to end this scourge . "

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