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In Togo, the executive secretary of the Union for the Republic (UNIR) in power reacts to the departure of some opposition parties from the meeting initiated by the government to take stock of the organization of the next presidential election.

For the record, Yaovi Apollinaire Agboyibor of the CAR, Jean-Pierre Fabre of the ANC and Brigitte Kafui Adjamagbo-Johnson left the meeting on Monday , saying that fundamental issues such as the composition of the Constitutional Court had to be settled before mentioning the organization of the presidential election.

The regrets of Atcholi Aklesso (UNIR, party power) after the departure of opposition leaders of the discussion on the organization of the next presidential

21-11-2019 - By Peter Dogbe

For Atcholi Aklesso, the challenge of getting a consensus election is in the discussion. He is waiting to see those who left for the next meetings. " We think it's a good thing that a framework is created, where all those involved in the electoral process find themselves. The most important thing is that we stay, we discuss.

Unfortunately, some opposition parties have just found their way out even before the meeting can begin. All the others were there ... The discussions were frank and sincere. The other parties that remained were able to express their concerns about the preparations for these elections.

I remind you that these institutions (called into question), mentioned by the opposition leaders to leave the meeting, are the same ones that allowed them to be elected deputies today and councilors ... I remind you that the Code Electoral is an electoral code written on a consensual basis by the entire Togolese political class ".

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