Pope met with the highest leader of Thai Buddhism, “Dialogue deepening cooperation” November 21, 16:21

Pope Francis of the Roman Catholic Church visiting Thailand before his visit to Japan from the 23rd of this month met with Prime Minister Prayut and Buddhist Supreme Leaders, and also visited a hospital in Bangkok and became a citizen. We deepened exchanges with.

Pope Francis, who is visiting Buddhist Thailand with over 90% of the people, was welcomed by Prime Minister Prayuth at the government building in Bangkok on the 21st morning.

After a meeting with Prime Minister Prayut, Pope Francisco made a speech in front of the ambassadors of each country in Thailand.

Among these, with the refuge of minority Muslims and Rohingyas who have been repressed in Thailand's neighboring Myanmar, “The immigration and refugee crisis cannot be ignored. The international community is responsible. I hope to have a vision and hope to solve the problems that have led to mass evacuation. "

After this, Pope Francis met with the Thai Buddhist Supreme Leader at a temple in the center of Bangkok to deepen the dialogue between the Catholic Church and Buddhism and to cooperate in poverty and environmental issues. Showed.

We also visited a hospital established by the Catholic Church in the center of the city, and while receiving welcome from hospital staff and patients, we were slowly turning around the site with a private car to deepen exchanges.

Pope Francisco will leave Thailand on the 23rd and arrive in Japan. He will visit Nagasaki and Hiroshima in addition to Tokyo.

Citizen welcomes Pope Francisco

Along with this visit, the hospital in Bangkok, Thailand, visited by Pope Francisco, was decorated with a huge picture of Pope Francisco in front of the building.

Citizens who could not get inside gathered around the hospital to take a commemorative photo and received a flag with the Vatican flag from volunteers waiting for arrival.

The crowd gathered and cheered and waged a flag when the car carrying Pope Francis approaching the site, and took pictures and videos with smartphones over the fence.

An Italian woman living in Bangkok said with excitement, “The Pope is a great Pope pulling the Catholic Church”.

In addition, a woman in her 60s who was able to shoot the state of Pope on a smartphone said, “I saw the Pope for the first time in my life.