In the framework of the exercises, Kuzbass tracked down a submarine of a conditional enemy and launched a torpedo attack from an advantageous position.

“The role of the conditional enemy during the exercise was assigned to the Omsk nuclear-powered submarine cruiser. The Kuzbass nuclear submarine carried out a set of camouflage measures, found a submarine that designated the forces of the "enemy", and attacked it with torpedo weapons from a favorable position, after which it carried out post-salvage maneuvers from a retaliatory torpedo attack and secretly left the area, ”the press service said.

During the exercises, the algorithm of the actions of the crew of the atomic submarine when launching the attack was excluded, with the exception of the direct launch of a torpedo salvo, the department said.

The submarine Omsk, in turn, carried out a maneuver of evading enemy torpedoes.

Earlier, Channel Five reported that the frigate Admiral Makarov carried out training firing in the Mediterranean.