If GSOMIA expires, the US military stationing cost negotiations will be a disadvantage for South Korea Expert 22 November at 7:13

Japan-Korea Comprehensive Military Information Protection Agreement = Regarding the impact of GSOMIA's revocation due to the destruction of Korea, American experts not only impair the efficiency of cooperation between the three countries, but also the United States stationed in Korea He pointed out that negotiating military expenses could have an adverse effect on the Korean side.

“Since the United States has been dissatisfied with South Korea ’s decision,” said James Schoff, senior researcher at Carnegie International Peace Foundation, a senior advisor to East Asia policy at the US Department of Defense. The message is that the operational efficiency that we have built will be lost and the unity of Japan, the United States, and South Korea will weaken.When North Korea's actions worsen, it will require further cooperation between Japan, the United States, and South Korea. It must be lost. "

However, Mr. Schoff said that if GSOMIA expires, it will damage the US-Korea relationship of trust, but it is possible.

“I do n’t know how much President Trump understands about GSOMIA, but what he ’s interested in is the US military spending costs that the US demands 5 billion dollars from Korea. “There will be a negative impact on the cost negotiations,” he said. Negotiations over the costs of the US military in Korea could have a negative impact on the Korean side.