"Society to see cherry blossoms" Anti-social forces also participate? Secretary of Secretary's plan to improve November 21 18:35

Regarding the “Cherry Blossom Viewing Party” hosted by the Prime Minister, the Secretary of the Secretary of the Secretary has pointed out that a person considered to be an anti-social force has participated in the House of Councilors' Cabinet Committee. The idea to improve security such as thorough

Over the “Cherry Blossom Viewing Party” hosted by the Prime Minister, the opposition party has pointed out that identity verification has not been carried out, assuming that people who appear to be anti-social forces are participating.

Regarding this, the Secretary of the Secretary asked the House of Councilors Cabinet Committee, “We do not know the participation of individual invitees, but there are various indications about some of the attendees. I would like to take necessary actions in the general review of "

The secretary of the secretary said that Mr. Akie, the wife of Prime Minister Abe, recommended the invitee. “While recruiting a wide range of applicants at the Abe office, there were opinions from the wife, but the recommendation from the Prime Minister was about 1000. Is included. "

In addition, regarding the request for recommendation to the Prime Minister and the ruling party, the Cabinet Secretary of the Board of Secretary Onishi, “We have not stated the upper limit on the number of people as a definite number. "Said.

Ministry of Justice “Retains 6-year roster” Minister of Justice Mori “Recommended 4”

The Ministry of Justice clarified that the recommender list was saved for 6 years from 2014 to 2019 at the House of Councilors Legal Committee, and about 70 people were recommended every year during that period.

In addition, Mr. Taku Yamazoe of the Communist Party said, “There was a special frame for the members of the House of Councilors, but the Minister of Justice Mori, who was selected, invited several people, including a special frame, to see the cherry blossoms. Did you also invite the party? "

On the other hand, Minister of Justice Mori said, “I don't know that there is a special frame, but I think it was recommended by the secretariat of the House of Councilors of the Liberal Democratic Party to recommend four people. I contributed to various activities in the region. I recommended people who are ".