“Meeting to see cherry blossoms” From the Liberal Democratic Party, “If you do n’t refrain,” November 21 16:32

At the Liberal Party faction meeting over the Prime Minister-sponsored “Meeting the Cherry Blossoms” meeting, about 1000 of the invited guests were recommended by Prime Minister Abe to avoid any repulsion. Some pointed out that it should be.

Of the more than 15,000 invited guests, the government has recommended about 1,000 from Prime Minister Abe, including the recommendation from Mrs. Akie. I made it clear.

Mr. Ibuki, Chairman of the House of Representatives

In this regard, Mr. Ibuki, the chairman of the House of Representatives, said, “When you are standing up and want to be happy, you have to be reluctant. Anyone thinks it might be. "

“There is a strong repulsion against the fact that a powerful man preferentially treated his relatives, so we have to make sure that there is no gap in the office. It ’s the most important point. ”

Former Secretary-General Ishiba “The desire to secure trust in the administration”

Former Secretary-General Ishiba said, “If you think that the people are strange, you have to answer properly and have the feeling of securing trust in the administration. It ’s important to go back to the event and keep it transparent. ”

Former Secretary-General Ishihara “Attitudes to tackle challenges as a member of the ruling party”

Former Secretary Ishihara said, “We need to show a positive attitude as a member of the ruling party, rather than being rattled by political ethics issues.”