Berlin (dpa) - The current calendar sheet for November 21, 2019:

47th calendar week, 325th day of the year

40 more days until the end of the year

Zodiac: Scorpio

Name day: Amalberg


2018 - The Bundesliga clubs are in favor of abolishing the Monday games. The fan scene had protested for a long time against employee-unfriendly games during the week.

2014 - US President Barack Obama signs a decree protecting illegal immigrants. The decree protects around five million undocumented immigrants from deportation.

2004 - In Ukraine, both candidates, Prime Minister Viktor Yanukovich and his rival Viktor Yushchenko, declare themselves the winners of the presidential election. Allegations of electoral fraud and mass demonstrations trigger a state crisis.

2002 - The Nato Summit in Prague invited seven more countries to join: Bulgaria, Romania, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Slovenia and Slovakia. The alliance area extends for the first time to former Soviet republics.

1999 - China manages an unmanned space flight around the world for the first time. The launch of the rocket "Shenzhou" the previous day was kept secret until the successful return after 21 hours.

1989 - For the first time, the debates in the British House of Commons can be broadcast live on television.

1980 - In Las Vegas, a fire breaks out at the "MGM Grand" hotel. 85 people die.

1974 - Two bombs of the Irish terrorist organization IRA detonate in pubs in Birmingham. 21 people are killed and 162 injured.

1947 - Wolfgang Borchert's play "Outside the door" is premiered one day after his death in Hamburg's Kammerspiele as a stage play.


1984 - Andreas Gabalier (35), Austrian pop singer, "Amoi seg us again"

1969 - Olivia Jones (50), German travesty artist

1929 - Dettmar Cramer (90), German journalist, director of Deutschlandfunk 1992-1994

1927 - Barbara Rütting (92), German actress ("The Geierwally"), author and politician, Bavarian member of parliament for the Greens 2003-2009

1694 - Voltaire, French writer («Candide or Optimism»), philosopher and historian, died 1778


1994 - Karlheinz Rudolph, German television journalist, deputy editor-in-chief of ZDF 1984-1987, built up the ZDF series «die drehscheibe» and developed the broadcasts «heute» and «heute-journal», b. 1923

1989 - Heiko Fischer, German figure skater, five-time German champion in figure skating, born. 1960