US FRB Minutes Announcement Decreased Risk of Economic Depression November 21 7:29

The Federal Reserve Board, the US central bank, released the minutes of last month's meeting that Powell had suggested a policy to suspend interest rate cuts, and there was a risk that the economy would fall among participants I found out that there was a perception that it had decreased.

The FRB decided to cut interest rates for the third consecutive month at a meeting to decide on monetary policy last month, but in the statement, it deleted the expression “acting appropriately to maintain the expansion of the economy”, In the future, interest rate cuts have been shown to pause.

On the 20th, the minutes of the meeting were released, and while participants were concerned about trade disputes between the United States and China, some risks of economic downturn were reduced due to expectations of progress in negotiations between the two governments. It is assumed that the recognition was shown.

Participants who opposed interest rate cuts expressed the need to determine the effects of past rate cuts, and that further monetary easing during the expansion of the economy encouraged excessive investment.

Based on this point of view, it seems that Powell's policy of temporarily suspending interest rate cuts after the meeting seems to have suggested that the interest rate will remain unchanged at next month's meeting among market participants.