Of modest origin and become a senator, Elizabeth Warren is, among the Democratic candidates who clash in a debate Tuesday night, the one that has the wind in stern. Notably thanks to a detonating personality and shock proposals that target the richest. Europe 1 followed her in campaign in Iowa.


It is because he was interested in Joe Biden that Donald Trump is under investigation for removal. Public hearings elsewhere are continuing. But the main rival of the US president may not be the one we thought. Or rather, that. Because among the Democrats, it is indeed a woman who tailors - and nerdy - now Joe Biden for the investiture. She will be very watched Tuesday night during the TV debate between the candidates. She is Elizabeth Warren, and Europe 1 followed her in campaign in Iowa.

A plan for everything

This is his trademark: Elisabeth Warren, 70, always comes on stage running, even to speak in front of a hundred people. And she begins by telling her story: childhood in Oklahoma in a family that has trouble finishing the months, teacher, law school and then senator ...

After the story of her life, the candidate presents her plans. Because Elisabeth Warren is also her trademark, has a plan for everything, including free treatment for all Americans. It would be a revolution ... very expensive. But she has a plan for that too: "It's time to introduce a tax for health," she told the crowd.

"Beyond 15 million is two cents per dollar"

"This is my idea: it is a tax on fortunes of more than $ 15 million," she says. "So you here, your first 15 million, nothing to pay, but beyond that, it's 2 cents for every dollar." The American billionaires growl already while the Democratic base, it is enthusiastic.

But Elizabeth Warren is not too radical for the average American. "You have to make people want to vote," says Ryan, an activist. "Saying no to Trump is not enough." At the end of the meeting, the fans line up for selfies with the candidate. That too is his trademark.