This spring we wove the revolution into Ukraine, Putin, the US elections, Trump and Manafort and the Magnitsky affair.

Now we move on with more questions.

How did it happen in practice when oligarchs, in agreement with Russian politicians, emptied their land of wealth? What has their relationship with the bank been like - and why has Swedbank not stopped?

You will receive some of the answers to this in this week's review.

But the big reason we kept digging in Swedbank was a decision the bank's big owners themselves made.

Joachim Dyfvermark and I sat on the stands at the Annual General Meeting in March 2019, the same day that Birgitte Bonnesen was fired. We were almost certain that there would be no more programs on Swedbank. It seemed so obvious that the board now turned and that they would repeat the successful method used by Danske Bank to wash themselves clean of blood money.

An external investigation, an independent review to put the cards on the table and start the journey to regain customer and market confidence.

What was our role as journalists in that? Go ahead and find new topics of course.

But nothing becomes as you believe in the history of Swedbank.

There we sat and watched how the big owners voted down the small savers and said no to an external review. No independent look would now call all the bank's business in the Baltic. Several external and internal investigations were, of course, ongoing, but that someone would look at the whole scandal and dig further into the worst stories was now voted down.

So we took a few weeks off, then we started again. You see the result in this week's program.

During the journey, the bank changed again.

Göran Persson came in as new chairman of the board and promised big cleaning. CEO Jens Henriksson stepped out in the fall and promised that the bank would now look at 30 billion transactions to come to a conclusion about which dirty water the Swedish people bank bathed in.

And no one can be happier than us.

Only the bank itself with access to all transactions and documents can answer the question that everyone wonders:

What happened when Swedbank was at the center of what has been called the world's largest money laundering scandal?

The report “Swedbank and the arms dealers” can be seen on SVT Play. It will be broadcast on SVT1 on Wednesday 20 November at 8pm.