This was reported by the transport department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia in the Far Eastern Federal District.

“The members of the group, which included the husband, wife and brother of the wife, who had previously been involved in the sale of narcotic drugs in a non-contact way, via the Internet, organized a drug laboratory, having bought a former farm located far from populated areas for fake documents for 3 million rubles,” - quotes the agency RIA Novosti.

The persons involved in the case managed to equip the laboratory with modern equipment and organize the sale of drugs in a non-contact way through couriers in the Far East and other regions of the country.

A criminal case has been instituted on this fact, two men have been arrested, the woman is under recognizance not to leave.

Earlier, police in the Khabarovsk Territory seized about 25 kg of synthetic drugs and more than 4 tons of precursors for their manufacture from illegal trafficking.