Should we, for the sake of the climate, eat less meat?

Should we have more wolves in Sweden?

Should Sweden receive fewer refugees?

Questions that share us, but have you really listened to the arguments of the others? Most of us rarely meet people who think completely differently than we do. Take the chance and meet "the others". After all, a conversation is not just to argue, but also to listen.

First come first served

On Saturday at 1 pm we meet who are debatable at Brewhouse on Gårda in Gothenburg. SVT offers coffee and you invite yourself. Brewhouse is big, but of course there is a small risk that not everyone will fit. In this case, it is only to the mill that applies.

Take the opportunity to meet someone you would otherwise never have met. We pair you up and help you out on the pile, but you have to stand up for the argument and listening.

Today's host is SVT's Henrik Kruusval and in the end we are inspired by a conversation about the good conversation. Bring your ID, but otherwise just come.