Berlin (dpa) - An inconspicuous poster lures to the lecture in the Schlosspark-Klinik. "Fatty liver - (K) a cause for concern?" Should be. On this cold, wet November day, about a dozen people find the hospital on the edge of the Schlossgarten in Berlin-Charlottenburg.

Lecturer Fritz von Weizsäcker speaks at the "Forum 11/2019" in the conference room Haus H of the Department of Psychiatry. The son of the former Federal President Richard von Weizsäcker is chief physician at the Schlosspark-Klinik. His specialty is "fatty liver disease, a largely unknown but increasing widespread disease".

After initial investigation by the police, a man suddenly breaks away from the audience during the lecture. The armed stranger rushes to the lecturers. A policeman, who happens to be sitting among the spectators, is still trying to stop the man. The official in his free time is seriously injured. He is later transferred to another hospital.

At 6:59 pm an emergency call is sent to the fire brigade and police, paramedics and an emergency doctor rush to the rescue. They can no longer help the severely injured top medical doctor. A resuscitation attempt is unsuccessful. 59-year-old Fritz von Weizsäcker is dead.

Several listeners from the hall can overwhelm the attacker. So he can be handed over to the police shortly thereafter. Nothing is known about the attacker at first, even references to a motive or citizenship are missing at this time.

The police are under investigation. Weizsäcker's family will also be asked if there are any indications of a threat to the internist. In addition, the suspect should be interrogated at night.

At the crime scene, the tracks are saved. Forensic doctors, forensic technicians and investigators of a murder commission ensure possible traces at the crime scene. Parts of the private clinic are closed for this purpose.

In front of the clinic's modern building are blue and white cars of police and investigators. The clinic management does not want to comment at first. Most of the clinic windows stay dark this evening.

The victim, Fritz von Weizsäcker, born in Essen in 1960, came from a well-known family. His father Richard von Weizsäcker (1920-2015) was from 1984 to 1994 Federal President, previously from 1981 to 1984 for the CDU Governing Mayor of Berlin (West). His mother is the former German First Lady Marianne von Weizsäcker (87).

His parents had married in 1953. Richard von Weizsäcker worked as a lawyer at Mannesmann. Until 1962 the family lived in Essen and Dusseldorf, then moved to Ingelheim and in 1967 to Bonn. Fritz von Weizsäcker was the youngest of the four children. His brother Andreas died in 2008, there still live the sister Beatrice (61) and the eldest Robert Klaus (64).

One of his cousins ​​is the environmental scientist and former SPD member of parliament Ernst Ulrich von Weizsäcker (80).


Fritz von Weizsäcker