Opinion exchange in all-generation social security system reform Prime Minister Reflected in future policy

Opinion exchange meeting on all-generation social security system reform was held, and Prime Minister Abe wants to reflect requests made by participants in future policies, such as promoting employment for the elderly and expanding the application of welfare pensions. I showed the idea.

Aiming at the realization of a social security system of all generations, Prime Minister Abe and related ministers exchanged opinions with people in various positions at the Prime Minister's official residence, and 11 men and women from their teens to their 70s I attended.

A 69-year-old man who chose to re-employ after retirement said, “I want to continue working as long as I am healthy,” Prime Minister Abe expressed his desire to create an environment where motivated elderly can work. .

A woman in her 50s who increased her weekly working hours and joined the welfare pension said, “The company will pay half of the insurance premium and will lead to peace of mind in the future. It was.

On the other hand, another woman in her 50s said that she could n’t be relieved if she could get a pension in the future. .

In response, Prime Minister Abe said, “It was very meaningful. I would like to discuss based on the opinions that were made and create a society where everyone can play an active role.”

The government's “All-Generation Social Security Review Conference” will hear from economic organizations and labor unions on the 21st and will compile an interim report next month.