Today, the Eskilstuna City Museum stores all tens of thousands of objects in several different warehouses, when the objects are not displayed at different exhibitions. But right now all the items are being moved to a single large magazine - the former weapons factory in Svista outside Eskilstuna.

One purpose is to make the objects more accessible to the public in this way. But there will be no museum with fixed opening hours, says museum director Åsa Egeld in the clip above.

Weaving chair and forced sweater

The idea is that all objects should have been moved by the end of December 2021. But a lot of them are already in place, for example an old forced sweater that was previously displayed at the Eskilstuna Police Museum, which was closed in 2010.

Among the finds is also a bag of unused toys and washcloths from an asylum dwelling, in memory of the refugee crisis 2015. In addition, there is a loom donated to the city museum. See and hear the antiquary tell about the loom's exciting history in the clip below:

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Antique store Susanne Granlund tells about Hilda's loom