- This means that reinforcement is not always available. It can mean that in some situations you cannot always make the interventions that you would like to make, says Joakim Moritz at the police union in the north region.

More than eight out of ten police officers in the northernmost region consider that there are almost never enough police officers in the external service to handle potential or actual violence against colleagues in the best possible way.

"A serious development"

258 police officers in the region have responded to the investigation conducted by the union with Novus. More people are experiencing threats today compared to a similar survey in 2017. Nearly one in ten police officers also state that their families have been subjected to threats, violence or harassment.

"It is an incredibly serious development," says regional police chief Micael Säll Lindahl, who wants to see stricter penalties for threats and violence against government officials, something he believes is an attack on society.

Want to de-identify the police

The union wants to see continued efforts on more police officers. By 2024, 10,000 more will be trained in the country. Another concrete measure that the police union in the north wants is that the policemen's name is removed from the police reports and replaced with a service number.

- In a police report, your name still stands up until it becomes a public document in the district court. If you were to write a service number instead, it would make it difficult to map any, says Joakim Moritz.