The toughest competition is for vacant apartments in the center, reports BLT.

The fact that there are not many vacant apartments available is something that is problematic for the tenants. Peter Persson, CEO of Ronnebyhus explains that tenants do not have the opportunity to move.

"From a business point of view, this is great, but we need to have relocation opportunities for internal moves as well," Peter Persson told the magazine.

Hard pressure on vacant apartments

Although several apartments are terminated each month, more precisely around 25 apartments, interest declarations will come quickly.

- Let's say we get a second or third vacancy in the city center. Then it can be between 80 and 100 that "pushes the button" and shows interest.

Ronnebyhus has around 60 percent of the boom market. To get an apartment in the city center, you can wait up to a year and a half. That's the point you have that counts when you search.

“We are building 84 apartments”

Only a few years ago, the situation was completely different. At that time, the company had around 100 vacant apartments. Currently, apartments are being built to improve the situation.

- We are building 84 apartments there with occupancy in September-October 2021.