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  • Justice, at the Palazzo Chigi majority summit on the reform


November 20, 2019Via free to reform the civil trial from the majority summit on justice that took place at Palazzo Chigi, but still no agreement on the institution of the prescription. This is what emerged at the end of the meeting, which was also attended by Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte. The green disk on the civil trial has confirmed the same Guardasigilli, Alfonso Bonafede, speaking with the reporters: "he will probably go to the Council of Ministers already next week", he announced. "It is an important reform that citizens, entrepreneurs are asking for, because it is fundamental for investments and because it halves the time of the process", he added, hoping that "soon there will be the green light also on the reform of the criminal trial. The citizens they can no longer wait ". Bonafede then illustrated the 2 proposals on the penalty that he made to the majority allies: a "preferential lane for those who were acquitted at first instance: if he requests it, his trial will have an urgent appeal, so it will only last a few months ". The second proposal is that of "facilitated access to compensation for those who have undergone a process that has breached the stipulated terms". On both solutions "the other majority forces have asked for a moment of reflection - concluded Bonafede - so we will update ourselves". The Democratic Party, however, notes in particular that there has not yet been a synthesis on the reform of the criminal trial: "There are different positions. There are not enough procedural guarantees", stress the exponents of Dem at the table. The Democratic Party, they explain, is "convinced that everything must be done so that the prescriptions of the processes do not occur and that the proceedings are rapid". At the end of the summit, Undersecretary of Justice Andrea Giorgis (Pd) said: "We have not yet found shared solutions to ensure that the processes are faster and more just, but with a legal institution for a non-unlimited duration of the processes. "We have all been reiterated to continue the confrontation. We are all convinced - he added - of the importance of a reform for more just and faster processes, in which we do not arrive at the statute of limitations, which is a defeat for everyone, and so we are committed to ensuring that the processes are well structured so as not to arrive at the prescription, but also for a closure rule to avoid processes of unreasonable duration ". Leaving Palazzo Chigi, the former president of the Senate, Pietro Grasso (Leu), explained that "we continue to deepen all the themes of the penal process of the reform of the law and the election of the magistrates of the CSM".