London (dpa) - In the first TV debate in the British election campaign there has come to a violent exchange between Prime Minister Boris Johnson from the Conservatives and Jeremy Corbyn from the Labor Party.

According to a poll conducted by opinion polling agency YouGov, the audience was divided roughly equally into who won the duel. For Johnson, who had gone into the debate as a clear favorite, this should be a disappointment.

The Prime Minister repeatedly attacked his opponent in the debate of the ITV broadcaster on the promise of a second Brexit referendum. "Will you promote whereabouts or resignation?" Johnson asked. The Labor Party wants to put the British in a referendum within six months in the choice between a Brexit with close ties to the EU and remaining in the community of states. But Corbyn does not want to decide if he would promote for or against the exit. The opposition leader also owed a clear answer, as he stands for a second referendum on the independence of Scotland.

Corbyn countered by alleging that Johnson wanted to sacrifice the chronically underfunded National Health Service NHS to a trade agreement with the United States. He described the Prime Minister's plan to leave the EU with his post-negotiated agreement on 31 January 2020 as "nonsense". Johnson will need "at least seven years" to negotiate a trade deal with the Washington. The transitional period until the end of 2020 will not be enough to agree on an agreement on future relations with the EU.

Johnson was very focused on attacking his opponent. Corbyn, on the other hand, tried to score with his social policy. Both opponents were at times the mockery of the audience. Corbyn earned derisive laughter as he defended his proposal for a four-day week. Johnson was laughed when he wanted to portray himself as a truth-loving.

The British are to elect a new parliament on December 12th. So far, the election campaign has been dominated by Brexit and the health system crisis.

Result Flash poll on the outcome of the debate on the YouGov website