• The hands of the Camorra on the demolition of the Morandi Bridge, 2 arrests and kidnappings
  • Genoa, at the start of the demolition of houses under Ponte Morandi
  • Genoa: the demolition of a part of the Ponte Morandi. Conte: "Redemption for Italy"
  • Ponte Morandi collapse, super-powers to the commissioner and 500 hires: the draft of the decree for Genoa
  • Ponte Morandi, Autostrade pays the sums requested for expropriations
  • Morandi bridge collapses on the A10 in Genoa: 35 confirmed dead


25 June 2019

Four hands to press the red button that gives the green light to the two large mechanical arms that shoot concrete. The Infrastructure Minister, Danilo Toninelli, the commissioner and mayor of Genoa, Marco Bucci, the Ligurian governor Giovanni Toti and the managing director of Per Genova, the joint venture of the builders, Nicola Meistro celebrated the first cement casting of the new viaduct on the Polcevera in Genoa.

It is the plinth of the pile 9, that is the rectangular base on which the elliptical pillar will be built, closest to the right bank of the stream, according to the design of Renzo Piano.


With a brief ceremony in the presence of President Toti, Mayor Bucci and Minister Toninelli, the first casting of what will be the 9th stack of the new viaduct that will replace the Morandi has been cast pic.twitter.com/toHgm4dd6C

- Liguria Region (@RegLiguria) 25 June 2019

Conte: "Great teamwork, soon the bridge to the city"
"Today is an important day for Genoa: with the laying of the first stone the reconstruction of the new bridge starts. I am confident that with this great teamwork we will soon return the bridge to the Genoese, guaranteeing quality and safety. I will be coming back soon to the city #Genova . Thus the president of the council Giuseppe Conte on twitter

Today is an important day for Genoa: the reconstruction of the new bridge starts with the laying of the first stone. I am confident that with this great teamwork we will soon return the bridge to the Genoese, guaranteeing quality and safety.
I'll be back soon in the city #GenovaNelCuore

- Giuseppe Conte (@GiuseppeConteIT) 25 June 2019
Toninelli: "Inauguration in 2020"
"We believe that by the end of the year the bridge will be back on its feet, we hope to inaugurate it in the spring of 2020 and it will be a moment of redemption and revival for the city of Genoa".

"The Government - he continues - has responded to the tragedy with unprecedented speed, putting together 1 billion euros for Genoa, to raise a city that was on its knees". "Today there will be the first casting of concrete, we are rebuilding a symbol of failure, and all this will be a bad memory. An important day, because the work done in the past months, starts to be tangible".

Important chapter that of the fine particles that - says the Minister - are "under alarming levels, the operations can be done, to date everything is in place but we must monitor also during the operation, the checks will be made even in the hours following the 'implosion ".

"Behind Bucci and Costa, who will deal with the reuse of the resulting materials following the implosion, there is a structure composed of economists, technicians and magistrates that is the best of Italy and that association of companies that is rebuilding - concludes the pentastellato minister - he has the public and private excellences we have in Italy, and we are proud of this ".

Bucci: an important signal for the growth of the city
"The work we do today and what we will do on Friday is an important signal of the acceleration for the growth of the city. By accelerating the times, we allow the system to grow" said Marco Bucci on the sidelines of the cement casting ceremony. "All this is due to the 43 victims, more than due. We have to remember the 43 victims when we give this acceleration and let the world see that we are capable of building and doing things well. It was a great emotion. our city ".

Toti: the deaths will not be in vain
"What happens today makes those absurd deaths not remain in vain," Governor Toti said, speaking at the ceremony. "In April 2020 we expect to be able to move onto the new bridge and that's what we promised ourselves that day".

"Today is the demonstration that when there is the will, things can be done - he said - in a few decades the victims will be remembered, but also the ability of a great country to react".

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