While the Council of Europe pointed Tuesday the shortcomings of France in the fight against violence against women, Marlene Schiappa assured Wednesday on Europe 1s'ecommitted to make all the adjustments claimed by the European body.


On Tuesday, the Council of Europe pinned France on its treatment of violence against women. In a report, the Council of Europe Convention on combating violence against women pointed to gaps in accommodation, a definition of problematic rape, an "insufficient" criminal response, child witnesses with too little support ... While the Grenelle of Domestic Violence is currently being held, this list hurts the government. "I made a commitment to the Grevio (Group of Experts on Violence Against Violence against Women and Domestic Violence, ed) to ensure that we adjust everything we need to adjust in our law," assured Marlene Schiappa Wednesday on Europe 1.

"We will do everything we can and can do to improve the situation of women," insisted the Secretary of State for Gender Equality.

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