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Thousands of doctors, aides, nurses, deans and students took to the streets on November 14 in Paris to demand more resources and more staff. REUTERS / Johanna Geron

Édouard Philippe presented this Wednesday, November 20, 2019, a government emergency plan for the public hospital.

In the space of six months, this is the third plan announced to try to calm the wrath of the hospital staff. Emmanuel Macron himself acknowledged last week: the first copies of Agnès Buzyn were not up to speed, not fast enough, after already eight months of crisis in public hospitals .

Across France, hospital doctors, nurses and caregivers tell us that the hospital is stalling, and that the horizon of reforms for 2022 can not be the only answer.

We heard their anger and their exhaustion. pic.twitter.com/Kyp25KIsZi

Edouard Philippe (@EPhilippePM) 20 of november of 2019

This Wednesday, Édouard Philippe assures, the government has now clearly understood the message of caregivers: " We heard their anger, we heard their exhaustion, we heard their dismay. The idea of ​​this plan is to restore oxygen to this community of caregivers, "said the head of government.

This breath of fresh air will go through bonuses, including 800 euros net for 40,000 nurses and caregivers living in Paris or its suburbs, and earning less than 1 900 euros monthly. A gain of about 66 euros per month. A premium of 100 euros net will be paid as of 2020 to caregivers exercising with the elderly, and having acquired a competence in geriatrics.

A third premium of about 300 euros per year, or 25 per month, will be distributed directly by hospitals according to their own criteria. Objective: to value " the commitment and the investment of the personnel ".

Premiums, increased hospital budgets, a one-third debt recovery to accelerate the transformation: we make the choice to invest for the hospital, because its success commits us all. @governmentFR pic.twitter.com/Sda3BUuFMA

Agnès Buzyn (@agnesbuzyn) 20 of november of 2019

Attempt to lower the social temperature

Another announcement, the budget of hospitals will benefit from a boost of one billion and a half euros over three years, after years of budget cuts. Including 300 million euros more from 2020. Thousands of caregivers had parade Thursday, November 14 in the streets of Paris to denounce the rapid deterioration of the situation in the public hospital.

Third, and perhaps the most striking: as he had done with the SNCF, the state will resume within three years 10 billion euros of debt incurred by hospitals. This represents one-third of this debt of 30 billion euros.

All these ads represent an increase of nearly 2.5% in 2021 and 2022 of the budget allocated to health expenditure, the "National Health Expenditure Target" (Ondam). The expected increase until the speech of the Prime Minister amounted to 2.3%.

The government has not hesitated to put his hand in the pocket to try to extinguish the fire in the public hospital , and try to lower the social temperature, as the December 5 demonstration on pensions approaches .