The British Conservative Party sought, Tuesday, November 19, to justify, the day after a first televised debate for the legislative next month. During the verbal contest between Labor opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn and Conservative Prime Minister Boris Johnson, the Tories' Twitter communication account "CCHQ Press Office" was renamed "FactcheckUK" - "information checker" in French. It is on this account that the Conservative Party broadcasts its campaign information.

But @CCHQPress account is certified by Twitter, which is in principle a pledge of confidence. The social network has therefore warned against new attempts to "deceive people" during the British election campaign. "Twitter is committed to a healthy debate during the UK election campaign, and we have rules in place at the international level that prohibit deceptive behavior, including with certified accounts," said a spokesman. spokesperson in a statement.

As the home of the original @FactCheck in the UK we need to point out "factcheckUK" has nothing to do with @Channel4News it is the renamed twitter account of @cchqpress- @Conservatives no political party should be trying to cloak themselves in the guise of independent journalists

- Ben de Pear (@bendepear) November 19, 2019

On the BBC, one of the heavyweights of the British Conservative Party, Foreign Minister Dominic Raab argued that it was a matter of refuting in real time the "absurdities" he said the opposition Labor. "Looking at the account for more than a split second can not be cheated," he said.

On the BBC radio 4, Will Moy, managing director of the independent association fact-ckecking Full Fact, estimated that Twitter could have renamed the account "of force". But according to him, the responsibility here is not on the social network but on the party, which has "chosen" to pretend to be a "fact-checking" account. "They did not publish accurate information," but "the party lines," he said.

"They changed their colors, they changed their name, they changed their logo to something that did not look like the Conservative Party," he added.

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