"I was blocked by a wall of persistent losers, which prevented the formation of a government led by me and my party, which won the elections, allowing the country to begin to return to political stability," Gantz said in a statement, writes Yedioth Ahronot.

The message from Benny Gantz was not entirely unexpected given that the nationalist party Yisrael Beitenu decided earlier in the day not to support Likud Party leader Benjamin Netanyahu or Benny Gantz as new prime minister.

Going for a third choice

Gantz was given the assignment by the president after Netanyahu failed in the first round after the September 17 election. Israel now looks to go for its third election since April this year, without a solution in view of the political crisis.

Gantz and Netanyahu both want a broad coalition government, a goal that neither of them has achieved so far. Almost three weeks ago they met for negotiations, but the talks have not yet turned into anything concrete.