Following the rocket fire on the Israeli controlled Golan Heights, the Israeli military claimed to attack Iranian targets in Syria. On Twitter, Israeli forces wrote of "broad-based attacks" on positions of the Syrian army and forces associated with Iran. Israel responded to rocket attacks from Syria from night to Tuesday, it said.

At the same time, the Israeli armed forces (IDF) threatened the Syrian government with further attacks. "We consider the Syrian regime responsible for all actions that emanate from Syria and warn against further attacks against Israel," tweeted the IDF. "We will continue to act decisively and for as long as necessary against the Iranian roots in Syria."

Syrian media had reported a series of explosions around Damascus during the night of Wednesday. According to this information, the Syrian air defense bombarded and hit "several targets". On the other hand, the Israeli side said that the Syrian air defense had fired a rocket despite a previous warning, in response to which several Syrian air defense positions had been destroyed. The information could not be independently verified.

Only on the night of Tuesday had there been explosions near the airport in the capital Damascus. Further details were not mentioned by the state agency Sana. The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported that Israel's army had fired five missiles at the south of Damascus. Some were intercepted. After that, the Israeli defense system Iron Dome caught several missiles fired from Syria.

The Israeli Air Force has repeatedly attacked targets in Syria in the past. According to observers, the bombing is directed against Iranian forces. Israel wants to prevent Iran from further military development in Syria. Iran supports the government troops in the Syrian civil war.