“Cherry Blossom Viewing Party” invitees Prime Minister recommends about 1000 people Mr. Akie also recommends at 10:56 on November 20

Over the “Cherry Blossom Viewing Party” hosted by the Prime Minister, the Secretary of the Secretary of the Secretary of Japan was the House of Representatives Cabinet Committee, and among those invited, the recommendation from Prime Minister Abe was about 1000. Prime Minister Abe He also revealed that he was reflecting on the fact that there were too many recommendations.

Over the “Meeting of Cherry Blossoms” hosted by the Prime Minister, Secretary of the Secretary of Secretary revealed the breakdown of more than 15,000 people invited at the House of Representatives cabinet meeting on the morning of the 20th.

According to it,
▽ While there were approximately 6000 people who were recommended by each ministry,
▽ Recommendation from Prime Minister Abe is about 1000,
▽ About 1000 people from the deputy prime minister, secretary general, and assistant secretary
▽ About 6000 people from LDP officials
▽ There were about 1000 special invitees for international contributions, arts and culture, media representatives, and Komeito parties.

On top of that, the secretary of the secretary said, “In spite of the long-standing practice, we reflected on the increase in the number of people over the years. We will conduct a full review. ”

In addition, Secretary of the Secretary General said, “Prime Minister Abe himself is showing remorse for too much.”

Councilor Onishi “Recommendation from Mrs. Akie”

In addition, the cabinet secretary of the cabinet secretary Onishi Seki said, “The details are unknown, but there was a recommendation from Mrs. Akie in the process of recruiting a wide range of applicants at the Abe office.” It was.